Exhibition "The Surreal Universe of Iván Tovar" opens in Spain

April 18, 2023
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Exhibition "The Surreal Universe of Iván Tovar" opens in Spain Madrid, Spain.- The Banco de Reservas and the Dominican embassy in Spain inaugurated the exhibition "The Surreal Universe of Iván Tovar", a sample of 15 paintings of the transcendental work of the painter, National Prize of Visual Arts of the Dominican Republic. 

The exhibition will be open to the public until February 12, at the David Bardía Art Gallery, on Villanueva Street 40 in the Salamanca District, Madrid, as part of the cultural activities of the bank within the framework of the International Fair of Tourism Fitur 2019. 

Simón Lizardo Mézquita, general administrator of Banreservas, praised the artistic value of the selected works, because they represent an essential facet of Dominican culture, in addition to being produced by the brush of a unique creator, as is the case with the exhibitor. 

By cataloging Tovar as "an Antillean artist of universal transcendence, visionary and a great representative of surrealism," the bank executive added that the purpose of the exhibition is "to highlight aspects of Dominican artistic creation and place it within a broad context and universal perspectives ”. 

José Antonio Rodríguez, Dominican ambassador to UNESCO, introduced the presentation of the exhibition, indicating that culture is the best way to promote and project the country, to compete with any nation in the world. 

The Dominican ambassador in Spain, Olivo Rodríguez Huertas, praised the Banco de Reservas for the assembly of this exhibition, and considered it very positive that Tovar's work is exposed to the public, critics and artists of today, which he described as a fact unprecedented. 

He specified that "the Dominican Republic is full of talents that includes outstanding professionals, great artists who ll Dominicans with pride and remarkable values in education, science and art."